Create your own journey

With the support of a coach like Denise, you can navigate transitions, explore your passions and capabilities, and figure out how to live your best life, true to your values.

My role is to help you look FORWARD to the future – empowering you to make the best decisions FOR YOURSELF.


is both inevitable and exciting!


exist everywhere.

A Purposeful and Happy Life

is entirely possible – and is happening right now.

Take the first step…

One-on-one Sessions

Weekly or bi-monthly hourly sessions, booked in 10-session blocks.

Group Sessions

Weekly hourly sessions with 3-4 people. App support with top-down and peer accountability.

Educational Events

I can speak at your event, or lead an interactive workshop of 1-3 hours.

Ready to be a HAPPY Attorney?

Ever wonder whether:

  • the pursuit of happiness can coexist with the demands of a legal career? – the term “happy attorney” is an oxymoron?
  • you can be both a good attorney and be good to yourself?

In law school, we learned the elements of causes of action. In life, we get to learn the elements of happiness. While each of us defines happiness differently, there are ways for all of us to attain it. Through this program, we will:

  • RECONNECT with who you are – what inspired you to choose a legal career? By utilizing a variety of tried-and-true assessments, we will discover how you view your life currently and we will determine the abilities you already possess that will support you in attaining the happiness you desire.
  • DISCOVER what is in the way of you living the life you want – what influences in your life are contributing to your current conditions and feelings?
  • RELEASE the thoughts and actions that are no longer working for you – learn techniques to support you in modifying your outlook to allow for a happier you.
  • DECIDE how you want to live and work now that you see the possibility of change in your life – what does your ideal life look like when you consider the many parts that comprise your life?
  • COMMIT to the changes you have identified to create the life you want, including the career you desire – accountability is a hallmark of coaching, and while it will appear throughout the program, it will be utilized even more in this section as you take the action you have decided that will allow you to be the happy attorney you have desired to be!

*Program options may include group coaching or individual coaching