About Denise

Denise Stewart, Esq., ACC
President, Denise Stewart Coaching, LLC

Denise is an executive and leadership coach who specializes in supporting her clients in discovering their happiness and strengths, personally and professionally. She brings 20+ years of experience teaching, presenting, and serving in both corporate and non-profit organizations.

Denise has been described as an engaging, informative, and compassionate leader who has an attention to detail and an ability to connect with people very quickly and deeply. Her degree in education provides her with an ability to read a room and exhibit a presence that demonstrates her interest in the people with whom she is meeting. She utilizes tools learned in law school, specifically the training she received around mediation, in her coaching. As a result of learning how to explore, leverage, and incorporate change in her own life, Denise discovered the power of coaching and has never looked back.

By learning what each’s persons purpose and innate strengths are, Denise believes all people have the ability to live an amazing life being the best version of themselves. It is through adopting this belief that individuals can consciously lead based on what is best for their organizations, employees, and the world.


  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment – Master Practitioner
  • Gallup Strengths Assessment (CliftonStrenths Coach)
  • Certified Happiness Trainer
  • COR.E Wellness/Transitions/Leadership/Performance Dynamics Specialist™
Denise Stewart